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Tuning of Airsoft weapons

If your project seems hopeless and no one has been able to help you, just bring your problems to OÜ Militaarseiklus.


Our company provides assistance with weapon tuning and cosmetic modification.
We will fix your weapon right under your eyes so you can learn something new, too.
Pricing of complicated projects is subject to separate agreement.

The most frequent weapon repair/tuning jobs are listed below.

* NB! The customer must purchase all the necessary spare parts and/or tuning components independently as their cost is not included in the service price! The customer is free to purchase these at any store selling Airsoft equipment.
Weapon chronography – measuring the initial velocity and shot frequency: €2.
Weapon disassembly on the level of its main components + problem localisation/maintenance/tuning: €5.
Weapon’s gearbox disassembly + problem localisation/maintenance/tuning: €10.
Installation of thicker wires: €15.
Increasing of the internal diameter of the M4 butt-end section by drilling to accommodate a larger lithium-polymer rechargeable battery: €15.


Please contact us to arrange a visit for your weapon issues:
phone: 521 0365