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Männiku tee 106, Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti

Airsoft outdoors


In the vicinity of the indoor Airsoft facility we have a built-up outdoor Airsoft area of about 18,000 m2 with 7 structures, including 3 multi-storey buildings. Here at almost any time of the year several dozen players can engage in a thrilling urban battle. If necessary, the event can also include the Männiku Range previously used by the army.


We have weapons and protective gear for up to 20 players but you can also use your own weapons and gear.


Outdoor events are available to groups of no fewer than 8 players.

The package includes:

* Airsoft weapons – G36, with 1 magazine
* 4000–8000 pellets for the whole group
* tactical vests
* protective masks/goggles
* instructor


Package price for 8-member group: €125
Package price for 10-member group: €150
Package price for 16-member group: €225
Package price for 20-member group: €270


Prices for other group sizes are subject to separate agreement.


If you want to organise a match at a location of your choice, we can do that for you. The price will be subject to separate agreement.


So far we have organised matches in Harju, Rapla and Lääne-Viru Counties.