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Männiku tee 106, Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti

Airsoft indoors

Bad weather is no obstacle to Airsoft enthusiasts who come to Männiku Road 106: on the basement level we have built a 500 m2 Urban Warfare Zone with an adjacent waiting/conference room for up to 20 visitors that also has an observation window. We have 20 pistol and protective gear kits and you can play in shifts. Visitors are also welcome to bring their own weapons and protective gear. The match zone is for up to 20 players. You are advised to wear clothes with long sleeves and high collars.

Siseruumid_1 Photo of the gamezone


Siseruumid_2Photo of the waiting/conference room



Playing time, one hour*
€10 with our weapon
€6 with your weapon**


Playing time, two hours*
€18 with our weapon
€10 with your weapon**


Child’s birthday package:
2,5 hours of playing time
Waiting room for up to 20 guests
Up to 10 guests can play at the same time
Children up to the age of 15. Accompanied by up to 3 adults
Price: €140


We have offers for Airsoft clubs subject to separate agreement. Interested? Get in touch with us! Cooperation proposals are always welcome.


Our weapons for rent
20 units – Taurus PT24/7, the price includes 1 x CO2 capsule (approximately 150 shots).
* €2 for an extra magazine.
* €4 for an extra pistol! (Subject to availability.)
8 units – KWA Colt M1911, old-school cock-operated pistol.


Additional gear

protective mask/goggles
tactical vest


* The organiser reserves the right to extend the playing time.


** Using your own weapons is subject to the following restrictions:
- initial velocity – up to 115 m/s, pellet weight – 0.2 g (using a more serious weapon is subject to separate agreement***);
- the weapon must have a semi-automatic mode (single shots).


*** We have nothing against weapons with a higher initial velocity. You can use them as long as all the other players agree with that!