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Männiku tee 106, Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti


We offer Airsoft games indoors and out.

Airsoft indoors

As not to have weather influence when Airsoft can be played, we built a 500m2 indoor Airsoft Urban-Battleground and a Conference room with a view to the action. We are located at Männiku tee 106.
The Conference/Waiting room can spaciously accommodate up to 20 people. We have playing equipment for up to 20 people. So groups of 20 can take turns and relax accordingly. One can also play with his own Airsoft equipment if it meets our strandards. The Battleground is open for a maximum of 20 players at a time.

Airsoft Outdoors

For playing Airsoft outdoors, only a stones throw a way, we have an Urban Built up area, with 18000m2 and 7 different building. This offers an almost year round ability to host adrenaline filled Urban Combat Airsoft events for several dozen players. In case more space is required we can always expand to a nearby Military training grounds area.
We have equipment and weapons for 20 players. One can also play with his own airsoft weapon and equipment if it meets our standards.