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Airsoft weapons look and function almost like real firearms.


That is why Airsoft weapons are a viable option for military and police training for simulation of real-life skirmishes.


The weapons are capable of single shots and bursts and have replaceable magazines.

Technical details

Our Airsoft weapons are electric or gas-powered.


The electrical varieties use reliable lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries.


The battery feeds the tiny electric motor that sets in motion the compressor mechanism that consists of three cogwheels, a spring, a piston, a cylinder and a nozzle.


This mechanism shoots the 6 mm plastics pellets. The initial velocity of the pellet depends on the spring. The pellet, weighing 0.2 g, can have an initial velocity from 85 to 190 m/s but the latter is quite excessive and thus rarely achieved. The initial velocity of the 0.2 g pellets in our weapons is up to 120 m/s and this upper limit is considered comfortably safe in the sport of Airsoft. This means that even if you are struck with a pellet from a distance of mere centimetres it will not result in permanent injury, with a small cut or bruise healing quickly and leaving no scars or deformation.


Airsoft weapons powered by gas usually contain either a small propane tank or CO2 capsule in the magazine.


The gas also often moves the weapon cock/sliding part to ensure a realistic recoil sensation.


The initial velocity of the plastic pellets (no other projectile option) is similar to that in battery-powered weapons.