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Airsoft is a sport where players shoot at each other with Airsoft weapons that use tiny plastic balls for bullets to prevent injuries.

When you are shot, you are expected to be honest and admit it!


The structure of the matches imposes no restrictions on the participants: everything depends on your imagination and local opportunities.

With our help your birthday party, company event or just an outing with friends will become truly thrilling and memorable.

How does it work?

It is simple. The battling players shoot at each other with 6 mm plastic pellets.

When you feel or hear a pellet striking you, you are expected to announce it immediately to the other players by throwing yourself down or shouting “I’m hit” or “I’m dead”, etc.


Having announced that you have been hit, you should behave according to the agreed rules, either remaining at the spot or going to the “cemetery” from which you can re-join the battle after a pre-set interval of inactivity.

If a player violates the rules or repeatedly fails to announce that (s)he has been hit, you should immediately notify the organiser/instructor, who will take the necessary measures.

Does it hurt? Must I always admit that I have been shot?

It hurts a little. Airsoft is quite an extreme sport, but safer than things like parachuting or mountain-climbing. Usual clothing offers sufficient protection from Airsoft pellets.
You should wear gloves and a hat.


Be extra attentive if you are wearing thick clothes because in the heat of the battle you might not feel a pellet hitting you (just a slight impulse) but you must admit a hit even if you have only heard it. The alternative would be to make the initial velocity of the pellets higher, making the gear more cumbersome and the game less comfortable for all.


Any activity involving weapons and other items that can hurt the users or people around them is subject to this universal rule: don’t handle things before you are taught how to use them.


So it is important to promptly comply with all orders of the instructor, never doing anything without the instructor’s permission! Your obedience guarantees your safety!